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Our society has reached a tipping point where it’s becoming less about white vs black, and more about oppressed vs oppressor. Citizens vs corrupt government.

It’s truly horrific that it has taken so many innocent lives to bring us together. But hopefully the change that is coming will remember those that made it happen. The oppressed citizens have had enough, and are no longer tolerating it. The government may have better weapons, but the people have willpower and decades of frustration and anger at how they have been marginalized and subjugated.

The first American revolution started with a handful of men frustrated over unfair taxation and a totalitarian government, that’s it. We have almost infinitely more justification to rebel today, and bit by bit that is happening. The people are saying enough to the racism, to the persecution, to the subjugation, to the unlawful and illegal way they are treated by those that are tasked with protecting and serving us.

Never forget what’s happening at Ferguson, someday it will be in a history book.

They aren’t attacking white people. There were kkk members holding up the confederate flag behind the police officers in another twitter picture.

Black people are the ones dying.

Black people.


my heart is so broken over this picture….


my heart is so broken over this picture….